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Teacher: Mr. Shorts
...It's dramatic

Technical Theater

Technical Theater meets the A-G Art requirement for college.

Ever wanted to build a set for a play?

Build a pirate ship?

Design, build and work in a professional quality Haunted House?  

Looking for a place where you can learn to build props and paint scenery, then light it, create sounds for it and present it to the world? You can do all that and get Fine Arts credit for A-G! If you said yes, then you might be interested in joining Technical Theatre. Those are the types of things we do every day! In Technical Theatre, you will learn how to build, paint, light, amplify, etc. for plays, school rallies, dance shows, choir and band events - the list goes on and on. You’ll gain a ton of new skills, make some great new friends and create memories that will last a lifetime!

If you are interested in Technical Theatre contact Mr. Shorts below.

For more information:

Teacher:  Mr. Randy Shorts


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