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Click on the links and complete each of the following:
Step 1:  
FAFSA application (desktop)
Step 2:  WebGrants4Students Registration (Cal Grant)
YouTube Instructional Class Video
Do this to receive assistance in paying for college:
  • 4-Year College grants, loans and work-study
  • Chaffey Panther Promise --Free up to 2 years!
What you will need to complete the FAFSA:
  • Always use the same name on all documents
  • Always use the same address on all documents
  • Do not make an error on your SSN or you have to start over.
  • Pay close attention to parent sections vs. student sections... don't confuse incomes!!
Live Chat is available from the application as well.
All college financial aid, college loans, and institutional scholarships generally require the FAFSA's completion. 
Chaffey College is FREE the first two years... see Chaffey Pather Promise on
If things go bad financially for your family before you start college, or during college, this will allow the financial aid office to potentially get you aid.
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