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American Mosaic

Teacher: Mrs. Visconti

Come Join Us!

  • Uncover, discover, and discard old behaviors that don’t serve us anymore

  • Dive Deep into Mental Health

  • Get Certified in Unconscious Bias

  • Develop Communication Skills

  • Enhance Self-Esteem

  • Counter Stereotypes

  • Build Empathy

  • Eradicate scapegoating & Separatism 


Every class and every year is different because we, the students, get to decide what we explore. We learn about things we are passion about: eradicating racism and xenophobia, survival stories of immigrants and consequential scapegoating, cultural studies and mental health, human rights and social justice, and most importantly, unity and compassion. American Mosaic counts as a fifth year of English (which looks really good on your resume AND college application) and we learn through using multimedia, self-exploration, and discovery. The unconscious bias training certificates will make you a top-shelf candidate for your college and career dreams.

For more information:

Teacher:  Mrs. Faye Visconti


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