Tuesday, October 3, 2017
MyRoad Career Tool

Your subscription to MyRoad has been paid for if you are a Los Osos High School student.
You need to enter our school code: 052987 at the appropriate prompt during the sign-up process.
Click on MyRoad to go the website or read on for more information.

There are six sections on MyRoad.

Insights features interviews with dynamic leaders in a variety of careers as well as articles about standout college programs and hot topics central to college majors. There's also a resource library filled with advice on making the most of high school, college, and beyond. Finally, Insights is the place where a diverse group of dynamic high school and college students share their thoughts in interviews, editorials, and journals.

I.D. Me
I.D. Me includes two sets of assessments:

QuickStart Majors and QuickStart Careers are short questionnaires that ask students about their interests and generate lists of suggested majors and careers.
ORA Personality Profiler® is a research-validated tool that provides students with a description of their personality types as well as lists of majors and careers recommended for their types. There are two versions, one for students in middle school and one for students in high school and college. Students have the option of pausing, saving, and then returning to complete the ORA Personality Profiler at a later date. Once complete, the description of their type is displayed automatically.
Students may take these assessments as many times as they wish. You'll find helpful articles about the ORA Personality Profiler in the right sidebar.

Explore Majors
Explore Majors presents in-depth information on college majors. Each link on the Explore Majors main page takes students to an article that includes an overview; topic pages that delve into core courses, issues, areas of concentration, or programs of study; information about academic requirements for associate's, bachelor's, and graduate degrees; a unique Career Spiderweb; and first-hand perspectives from students pursuing degrees in the field. Once students have read about a major, they have the opportunity to add it to My Plan. That major will then appear as part of the My Majors list in the left sidebar.

Find a College
Find a College features four search tools to help students learn about more than 3,500 two-year and four-year colleges and universities:

College QuickFinder is the fastest way for students to find the college of their choice. To get the most accurate result, be as specific as possible, using the college's full name and avoiding abbreviations and nicknames.

Advanced Search helps students find colleges that match their preferences. Just answer questions about everything from majors to test scores to application deadlines.

To look for schools within a specific state or states, go to the Location page and click on "more detail: show states" at the bottom of the screen.
If a search does not return any results, try expanding your search by unchecking some of the boxes.
LikeFinderâ„¢ finds colleges that are similar to one another by matching specific characteristics such as region, campus setting, and tuition. If there are not enough results, try expanding the search by unchecking some of the boxes.

Side-by-Side Comparison is a great way for students to compare the characteristics of two or three colleges at a glance.

Each college description also provides a direct link to the college's home page.

Research Careers
In Research Careers, occupations are grouped into careers and organized by industry. Each link on the Research Careers main page takes students to an article that includes an overview; information about work environments and economic outlook; first-hand perspectives from professionals in the field; and separate pages on each occupation with job descriptions, educational requirements, compensation information, and more. Once students have read about a career, they have the opportunity to add it to My Plan. That career will then appear as part of the My Careers list in the left sidebar.

My Plan
Each MyRoad student has an electronic portfolio called My Plan. Here students can store all of the personal information they collect during the college and career exploration process as well as the college application process. Only the student can access the information in My Plan, but it can also be shared with counselors in a printed copy or email. School counselors can use information about students' major, college, and career interests to provide guidance and help students connect to opportunities.